Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kelowna Power Steering Flush

The power steering system operates as the control module for your wheels. It needs clean fluid to lubricate and cool the different moving parts.

Regardless of what kind of system you have, the pressure in a power steering system on hard turns is even higher than the pressure exerted by the automatic transmission under load. When the additive package wears down in your power steering fluid, the system does not operate as it is designed.

Sludge, varnish, stiffness, leaks, and system failure can occur when the fluids break down. With the Power Steering Fluid Flush, your old fluid is removed, your system is purged, and fresh power steering fluid is added.

Benefits of a Power Steering Flush:

• Removes harmful deposits from the steering system
• Conditions and revitalizes seals
• Eliminates power steering noises and whining
• Eliminates rack and pinion stiffness
• Helps prevent future leaks
• Minimizes risk of premature system failure
• Increases ease of operation
Most manufactures recommend a complete fluid flush once every 2 years, or every 50,000 km.

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