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Kelowna Power Steering Flush

The power steering system operates as the control module for your wheels. It needs clean fluid to lubricate and cool the different moving parts.

Regardless of what kind of system you have, the pressure in a power steering system on hard turns is even higher than the pressure exerted by the automatic transmission under load. When the additive package wears down in your power steering fluid, the system does not operate as it is designed.

Sludge, varnish, stiffness, leaks, and system failure can occur when the fluids break down. With the Power Steering Fluid Flush, your old fluid is removed, your system is purged, and fresh power steering fluid is added.

Benefits of a Power Steering Flush:

• Removes harmful deposits from the steering system
• Conditions and revitalizes seals
• Eliminates power steering noises and whining
• Eliminates rack and pinion stiffness
• Helps prevent future leaks
• Minimizes risk of premature system failure
• Increases ease of operation
Most manufactures recommend a complete fluid flush once every 2 years, or every 50,000 km.

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Kelowna Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel system Flush

The single largest factor in controlling performance, fuel economy and emissions, is the way in which your engine burns fuel. Poor combustion will consume more fuel, with less power, and dirtier emissions.

Cars today are built to self diagnose problems, and to a degree, can adapt themselves to fix the problem. If your fuel delivery system is in poor condition, your engine will adjust itself to account for the poor combustion, delivering more fuel to recover the lost power. This way of the engine retarding itself is what causes you a decrease in fuel economy.

Gum, varnish or glazing, and tar deposits from a neglected fuel system will result in damage to your engine’s Fuel injectors, Intake valves, and Throttle bodies.

Problems you may notice:

• Rough Idling

• Pinging (Detonation)

• Poor Starting

Benefits of a Fuel System Flush:

• Improved fuel economy

• Restored lost power

• Cleaner exhaust emissions

Fuel System Flushes are recommended every 20 000 Km.

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Kelowna Radiator Flushes

Radiator Flush- What’s in it for me?
Over time rust, scale and other harmful residues can build up throughout your engine's cooling system.
Traditional methods of simply draining the radiator will not remove all of your old coolant or clean your system.
If used fluid and residue is left in your radiator, it will contaminate the new coolant and eventually can cause clogging and overheating that will decrease the life of your radiator, heater core, thermostat, water pump, and consequently, major engine components.
Overheating due to contaminated coolant is the 2nd biggest cause of vehicle breakdown according to the highway transportation board of North America.

What is happening under the hood?

• We add a flush additive to the old coolant, to loosen contaminants and clean the system
• Our advanced exchange techniques remove virtually 100% of old fatigued coolant in just 15 minutes.
• Removal of rust and corrosion in the system

• Breakdown and removal in hard water scale, phosphate sludge, and silica gel in the heater core

• When we add the new coolant, we also include a conditioning additive, to protect your cooling system from future wear

• We utilize a clean, safe and environmentally friendly chemical recycling process
When should the service be done?
It is recommended that this service be done every 2 to 4 years, or every 50,000-100,000 km to improve the overall efficiency of your cooling system.
With our Global Long Life Coolant, the recommended service intervals are every 4 years, or 100 000 km.

What are the benefits?
There are many valuable benefits your vehicle will receive from this service:

Clean anti-freeze will not only extend the life of all parts involved in the cooling system, but prevent heat damage to other critical parts of the engine as well.

With new coolant, your engine will run cooler, and more efficiently.

Our Global long life antifreeze will protect your engine for four years without replacement.

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Kelowna Transmission Flushes

Introduction to your Transmission
Your transmission is the unit that converts the explosions inside your engine, into rotational power at the wheels.

Using different combinations of gears, your transmission delivers different combinations of power and speed. Higher gears will give you less power (torque), but more speed. Lower gears will give you higher power, but lower speeds.

Transmissions operate under extremely high temperatures and pressure. Because of the pressure inside the transmission, there is a lot of force exerted on the internal parts, causing degradation of the fluid and components.

A new transmission contains over 3000 parts and most of them are moving parts that require lubrication. With contaminated transmission fluid, and a plugged filter, these parts do not receive adequate lubrication. When this happens, wear and failure can occur.

You should have a transmission service done if you notice any of the following conditions:
• Poor Shifting, or transmission slipping when changing gears
 Contaminated fluid will not allow the transmission gears to mesh properly
 The transmission may grind or shift roughly without proper lubrication
• Poor performance
 A plugged transmission filter will not allow optimal flow of transmission fluid, resulting in delayed shifts and sluggishness
• Poor fuel economy
 Because your transmission delivers the power from the engine to the wheels, it will take more work (more fuel) from the engine to account for the lost power.
When should the service be done?
Almost all manufactures require their vehicles to have transmission services, ranging from every 48 km to 100 km 000km.

General Manufacturer Service Intervals

Ford- Every 48 000 Km
GMC and Chevrolet- Every 83 000 Km
Dodge and Chrysler- Every 96 000Km
Most Import cars recommend transmission services between 48 000 and 96 000Km

If you do not know when your car is due for a transmission service, please ask our experts, and we will find out for you

Transmission Service- What’s in it for me?
The main benefits of a transmission service will be:
o Firmer Shifting
o Reconditioning of seals and O-rings
o More efficient heat dissipation
90% of transmission failures are caused by fluid contamination and overheating.

The transmission is the second most important component of your vehicle, second only to the engine itself.

A new transmission will cost thousands of dollars to replace, but a transmission flush starts at 119.99. Our advanced transmission service replaces up to 95% of your fluid, allowing for greater benefits.

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Mobil 1 Lube Express Kelowna

At Mobil 1 Lube Express we help our customers to invest in what is necessary for the longevity of their vehicle. We are a great team of skilled, trained technicians who share the same positive attitude and passion for this job, the vehicles and our customers.

We believe in going above and beyond for every customer and helping them to feel that they received excellent value for their dollar.

An automobile is a very expensive investment and we help educate every customer about preventative maintenance to extend the life of their vehicles. We specialize in maintaining the critical fluids for your car; Oil Changes, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, Power Steering, fuel system and so much more.

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Kelowna Engine Oil Flush

Over time, deposits, tarnish and sludge can build-up in your engine. The build-up can cause many problems including sticking valves or rocker arms or may prevent oil from reaching all parts of the engine.

Extreme heat and cold can damage gaskets and seals may start to leak leading to unsafe fluid levels.
Mobil 1 Lube Express can help maintain your engine's internal health and help you avoid costly repairs.

An Engine Flush can remove these contaminants and help maintain the long-term health of your engine. First the engine flush is added to the old oil. Then the engine is allowed to run, dissolving the build-up of contaminants.

Next, the oil, debris, and sludge are drained. From here, we continue with your 25 Point Full Service Oil Change services that include changing the oil filter and refilling your engine with fresh oil.

Benefits of an Engine Flush:
• Removes heavy build-up of engine sludge, tarnish and deposits
• Restores engine efficiency and reduces engine friction
• A good choice to help restore your engine’s performance and efficiency

An Engine Flush is recommended with every third oil change.

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Kelowna Oil Change

Nothing works harder to keep your car, truck, van or SUV running smoothly than Mobil oils. From conventional to fully synthetic, high-performance to high-mileage — Mobil has the type of oil you need to go the distance. Time and time again.

Mobil 1 Extended Performance
Delivers advanced performance and guaranteed protection of critical engine parts for 15,000 miles. This fully-synthetic formulation is designed for today's longer service intervals.

Mobil 1
Mobil 1, the world's leading synthetic motor oil exceeds the industry’s toughest standards and outperforms all conventional oils. In fact, many car builders put Mobil 1 in their vehicles before they leave the factory. And it is used by more than 70 percent of teams in the three NASCAR® series.

Mobil Clean 7500Proven protection of critical engine parts from lubricant-related failure for 7,500 miles or six months, whichever comes first. A synthetic blend formulation, the motor oil has a boosted level of cleaning agents compared with our premium conventional oil, Mobil Clean 5000.

Mobil Clean High MileageUnique formulation designed especially for cars, vans and light trucks with more than 75,000 engine miles. This conventional motor oil includes seal conditioner to help prevent leaks in high mileage engines.

Mobil Clean 5000
Proven protection of critical engine parts from lubricant-related failure for 5,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first? Mobil Clean 5000 is premium conventional motor oil with extra cleaning agents compared with our conventional oil.

Conventional Oil: Conventional motor oils are made from crude oil which has been is pumped from the ground and then processed in a refinery to create a base oil. Additives are then mixed into the base oil to change the viscosity, protection properties and heat breakdown levels of the oil. The unstable molecules in conventional oil can easily vaporize or oxidize in extreme heat. Conventional oils contain small amounts of sulphur, wax, and asphaltic material that can promote detonation as well as varnish and sludge build-up. Conventional oil is recommended for older vehicles and is the least expensive.

Semi-Synthetic Oil: semi-synthetic oils are an alternative to buying pure synthetic oil. These combine a certain quantity of synthetic base oil with a conventional base oil in order to provide a high quality oil which can be used to gain some of the protection benefits of a fully synthetic for slightly older vehicles. However, semi-synthetic engine oils do not typically include all the synthetic oil's advanced additives.

Synthetic Oil: Because synthetic oil's molecules are much more consistent in size and shape, they are better able to withstand extreme engine temperatures. Mobil 1 synthetic is said to be capable of protecting engines "at well over 400 degrees F".
Because synthetic oil is chemically produced, there are no contaminants in the oil. With no wax, synthetics will flow at much lower temperatures than conventional oils. In fact, synthetic oils are now available with viscosity ratings as low as 0W-30, as in Mobil 1's new Tri-Synthetic blend. These oils flow more than seven times faster than conventional 5W-30 motor oils during initial start-up, yet at normal operating temperatures act like a regular Grade 30 oil.

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